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  • Scaffolding

    Locks(Cup Locks)

    This Cuplock System has been designed to meet the requirment of the construction and housing industries. The success of scaffolding cuplock lies in its principal design feauters:

    Lock standard/ vertical
    Lock Ledger/ Horizontal
    Lock Infill Beam

    Form Works

    Replacement of the many false and form-work systems which exist in today's market due to the wide variety of project types and shapes Falsework and form-work costs are minimized on every project which normally represents up to 40% 0f the total project budget. Using a 'DO IT ALL SYSTEM', such as the Multiform system, will result in an overall cost reduction of up to 30% on the cost of the false and form-work materials

    Access Bracket
    Corner Soldier

    Props & Access Systems
    Italian Frame
    Double Ladder Frame
    Single Push Pull Props

    JS Metals has an in-house trading department as a means to provide the supply of all kinds of scaffolding accessories. The large network of suppliers and worldwide contacts enables us to arrange supply of required scaffolding accessories in the shortest possible time and cost effective. The steel materials purchased for manufacturing products will conform to standard, specification and grade required by the customer. Approved equivalents of materials may also be used in the event of non-availability of stock. Procurement of such materials will be done from approved and selected sup pliers.

    Double Coupler Drop Forged
    Double Coupler Pressed
    Swivel Coupler Drop Forged
    Energy & Power
    Heavy Vehilcle body
    Oil & Gas Industry
    Ship Building
    Fabrication & Engineering
    Ware house, Sheds & Factories
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